Bonita’s Coffee, Tea, Bread and Steak: A Christian Themed Cafe

A day without work is a day without food. 


Just recently, I quit my job to seek for better opportunities. I have tendered my resignation because it was the best thing to do when you feel you are no longer growing for the better in that organization. Even though I have no back up plans prepared and the worst part was I have no savings to use for the time being that I am unemployed, I still pushed my resignation. And just when I thought I am lost (career dilemma haha), everything fell into its place. I’ve got my first client as a freelance accountant, two days after my resignation took effect!

My client is located at Sta. Maria, Bulacan, an hour away from the busy Metro Manila. I am too excited to embark with this new challenge because I have always believed that wherever I go, I’ll find something great from it (aside from accomplishing my work of course haha!). Indeed, it was a perfect place to do my first work as a freelance accountant! I have discovered a place where good food is being served in affordable prices, comfy and cozy place (never been too crowded like the cafes in the Metro) and accommodating employees

How to get there?

🚗🚘🚖🚦Go to Northbound bus stops either in front of Farmer’s Plaza Cubao or Baliwag Bus Terminal and wait for buses (DEL CARMEN BUS) that is en route to Sta. Maria, Bulacan.Tell the conductor or the driver to drop you off at Bonita’s Cafe. Fare is 45pesos. Travel time is around 45 minutes to 1 hour


Tried most of their Bestsellers and it was indeed delicious!!! 🍴🐷🐖🐽


T-Bone Steak for 150 pesos only


Chicken Barbecue for 85 pesos only


Beef Tapa for 85 pesos only


Baby Back Ribs for 85 pesos only

Great place to enjoy good food. 👦👦👦




Budget depends on how much you will consume or on what you will order. Basically, most of their products are below 100 pesos. So a budget of 500 pesos for two will surely fill your tummies more than what you expected. For more details you may want to visit their facebook page via this link: Bonita’s Cafe

Want another budget friendly Bulacan cafe that will literally fill your Unicorn Fantasies? Read here: Dreamy Unicorn Cafe


Follow my budget friendly adventures thru:

Instagram: @thelonebudgettraveler



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