Mt. Batolusong and Kayibon Falls, a blissful experience


View at Rangyas Peak

It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, just keep on climbing because no mountain is never within your reach.

Mt. Batolusong is located at Brgy. San Andres, Tanay, Rizal which is less than two hours away from Manila. The difficulty of the trail is classified as 3/9 and can be visited on a day hike plan with an estimated time of trekking of more or less than 2.5 hours depending on your pace. The mountain offers three summit namely the Duhatan Ridge (usually the campsite), the Mapatag plateau and the Rangyas peak. I am very pleased with the officials of Brgy. San Andres because they have a well-organized set of tour guides for a day or a night hike (a guide is required).

The Journey

A week long planning had been paid off for we were able to surmount the glorious Mt. Batolusong and we got to see and take a dip in the freezing Kayibon falls. Actually, it wasn’t really a well-planned hike since at the beginning we needed to adjust ourselves for the planned afternoon hike. Hahaha! We planned to start our hike at around 4 in the afternoon but ended up arriving at the barangay hall at around 6 in the evening forcing us to experience night trekking up to the campsite located at Duhatan Ridge. Unfortunately, since it was a night trek, I won’t be able to accurately describe the view of the surroundings along our way up to the campsite; however,  I can fairly describe the mood of climbing this mountain.

At first, I thought that this will be an easy trek but as they say, never get fooled by first impression. So there! The trail up to the campsite at Duhatan Ridge (considered as first peak) was totally a not so easy trail. Honestly, I felt like it was a total ascent, the trail was really steep. Since we needed to regain our proper breathing due to the steepness of the trail, from time to time, we made short stops to take a break. There are three main stations where you can actually rest and there are also stores along the way to the campsite (of course it opens in the morning when the sun is already up! but the store near the campsite opens at around 4AM). Another good thing about Mt. Batolusong is its water sources. There are three water sources: one near Duhatan Ridge, another near Mapatag plateau and lastly near Kayibon falls. So if your stomach is not too sensitive, then you can just bring a liter of water and just refill it. Aside from saving some money, you can lighten your backpack which is definitely a good thing! 👦

Finally! After almost two hours of climbing, we were able to reach the campsite. We immediately assembled our tent and had our dinner. You can either choose to camp at Duhatan Ridge or Mapatag plateau but it is recommended to camp at Duhatan Ridge because of the following reasons: (1) near the store; (2) near the water source; (3) best view of sea of clouds.

We didn’t have a camera that will capture the beauty of heaven that night but the beauty of twinkling stars have been captured by our eyes which will linger in our memories lifelong. 😍😍😍

There are no words to describe witnessing the glimmering infinite number of stars in the sky while having a good chat about life and career under a tree with good friends while enjoying the cold breeze of the wind and listening to the beautiful sounds made by the different creatures living in the mountain.The feeling was very ecstatic with the thing we have just beheld. 🙏

Lights off at around 11 PM after we have satisfied ourselves from the picturesque view of the sky. Wake up call was around 4 AM. Since the weather was too windy, we were not able to see the sea of clouds. As per our guide, clouds should already be visible by the time we woke up but due to the strong wind, all of it was swept away into nothingness.

We started packing our stuffs passed 4 in the morning and afterwards, we immediately started our trek to the next peak which is the Mapatag plateau. The trek was easier compared to the trek going to Duhatan ridge. It will take you an hour or so to reach the destination depending on your pace.

From a total darkness, the exquisiteness of Mt. Batolusong slowly unfolded.  We were unfortunate for we were not given the chance to witness the sea of clouds but were too blessed to witness the rising of the sun. It was a realization that there will always be light into and after darkness. 🙏


Mapatag Plateau, from here you can enjoy the beauty of city lights.

The natural beauty of the mountain continued to unfold as we went on in our climb. The changing color of the sky, the flowers that bloomed overnight, the city lights, the greenest grasses in the mountain that were turned into gold, what a wonderful scenery to witness indeed!

The Summit


We continued our trek from Mapatag Plateau to Rangyas Peak and was able to reach the summit for less than an hour. There was a little bit of difficulty climbing the summit if you have a heavy burden at your back but nonetheless, the exhaustion that will be felt will be rewarded by a magnificent view from above.


Rangyas Peak

Side Trip

We descended at around 7 AM and traversed to a different route going to Kayibon falls. This is the place where hikers usually go to whenever they climb Mt. Batolusong, it is the most famous side trip for this climb. It took us roughly around 2 hours to reach the place and we were the first group to dip into the base of the falls and it was so satisfying! The trail going to the falls was absolutely easy! ☺


The falls could be as deep as 8ft.

So there you go, another fun filled adventure for the soul. 🌏👣 From the bottom of my heart, thank you friends for the wonderful and worth remembering experience. 🙋🙋🙋


(R-L) M.A, Narel, Carmi, Jerry, Paul, Myself, Freddie our guide, tour guide who wanted to join in our group picture. 😂


  1. Leave no trace policy (LNT). Always respect the mountain!
  2. Bring flashlight for overnight and for those who will start the trek at dawn.
  3.  Bring at least 1 liter of water, get if refilled from the water sources in the mountain if your stomach is not that too sensitive since the water comes directly from the mountain.
  4.  Always bring extra clothes, umbrella, money, trail food.
  5. Personal medicines
  6.  From Kayibon falls, you can exit from there and wait for jeepney back to Cogeo. See summary of expenses for your reference.


Cubao to Cogeo RT      Php.  48
Cogeo to Sampaloc
**from cogeo to batangasan 42
**after hike, we decided not to go back at Brgy hall of San Andres since after visiting Kayibon falls you’ll just have to walk around half an hour to reach the hiway. From there you can wait for jeep bound to cogeo. However in our case, we decided to hire a trike to take us to the terminal for jeepney bound to cogeo since all the jeepneys that passed us by are always full. Normal fare is 200 but you need to use your haggling skills. We were able to reduce the fare up to 150 per trike.
**Fare from terminal bound to cogeo is 30
Trike fare 120 per ride (good for 4) we were six so we decided to hire two trike and divide the total cost equally                 40
Registration Fee                40
Tour Guide (1250/6)
Overnight- 1250
Dayhike- 500
TOTAL FARE     Php. 459
Other expenses
Dinner (468/6)                 78
Personal Expenses
* **includes mrt fare from boni to cubao and vice versa (32); two boiled eggs i bought up in the mountain (20); water and trail food (108)
Lunch at Mang Inasal after hike               121
GRAND TOTAL   Php.   818

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