The grandiose Mt. Daraitan and the bustling Tinipak River

Rizal province is undoubtedly one of the most favored places to visit for mountaineers. It is a perfect place for beginners to celebrate their first mountain hike since it is in here where you can find the right mountain to climb based on your specifications. Aside from the beautiful mountains, the province of Rizal also offers unspoiled rivers and waterfalls as well as impressive rock formations inside those century old caves.

One of the mountains in Rizal that is considered a favorite is the grandiose Mt. Daraitan. It is categorized with a difficulty of 4 out of 9 and it offers a scenic view of Sierra Madre and the ever bustling Tinipak river. For me to witness this scenery, I have made a DIY itinerary once again and invited some friends to accompany me with my adventure and of course for them to experience and be amazed by the beauty of nature. 🌏👣👦

The Journey

We started our trip to Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River a little passed 4AM (this is the first trip from Starmall Shaw bound to Tanay). We could have rode a jeepney going to Tanay for a cheaper fare but we decided not to trade the convenience and comfort of riding a UV Express. At around 6AM, we reached our destination which was at the jump off point (Jollibee @Tanay). From here, many tricycle drivers are waiting and will offer a ride going to Barangay Daraitan. The fare is fixed at 500 pesos and the trike can accommodate up to 6 persons (depending on size of course). We started the more than an hour bumpy ride going to Brgy. Daraitan and I must say that it was like riding a roller coaster for real!

We thought that the trike that we hired will lead us all the way to the Brgy. Hall where we will register and get a guide but little did we know that we needed to cross a river to go to the other side of the place using banca and to ride another trike just to reach the Brgy. Hall.

Finally, we reached the barangay hall before 8AM. The guides for the climb in Barangay Daraitan were well organized. Before we started our adventure, we had an orientation to discuss the pros and cons of the hike.


Our guide was Kuya Melvin, a very funny and entertaining guide. We had so much fun with his jokes and hugot in life.

We immediately started our trek after the orientation as our feet were too hungry to conquer Mt. Daraitan. The first part of the trek appeared to be just fine that made us think that it was an easy hike. But it was a big mistake to think that way! The trail going to the summit was almost a 100% ascent plus the difficulty doubled due to  the muddiness of trail brought by yesterday’s rainfall.

The Summit

We were in an almost non-stop climb up to the summit. We passed Camp 1 and rested for awhile and immediately got back to our trek passing camp 2 and eventually reaching camp 3. The longest of these was the trek going to camp 1 and it was the most difficult part of the trek going up to the summit. We were all sweating by the time we reached the peak of the mountain. It took us roughly around 3hours to reach it.

The exhaustion felt was rewarded by a mesmerizing view of Sierra Madre range. The famous rock formation in the summit added to the beauty of Mt. Daraitan. So far, the view from here was the best natural paiting I have ever seen up in the summit of a mountain. It was absolutely magnificent. 😍😍😍

Side Trip

We decided to descend just quarter before 1PM. We took a different route, traversing to Tinipak River. The difficulty of going down was unimaginable compared to the difficulty of climbing the summit, the struggle tripled! It was too slippery plus the trail going down was too demanding and you really need to be extra careful to avoid getting slipped and hurt your precious butt with those hard and pointed limestones. Hehehe! But seriously, it was strenuous. As far as I remember, there were only small branches where you can get a hold off to avoid getting tripped. It was really the time where you use your gapang skills. Hahaha!

Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere. – Emma Smith

A perfect way to end the hiking is to be refreshed with the cold water from this amazingly beautiful Tinipak river. But please be careful to avoid untoward incident since the pull of the river’s current is strong.

Inside the cave at Tinipak river, it was totally scary but definitely beautiful! You would need to have a flashlight or a headlamp inside the cave because it is too dark inside since the sunlight doesn’t reach this area. Everything in there was black but when you point and shot your camera, you’ll see the secret of the cave. 😍😍😍

(R-L) Inah, Judel, Karen and I.

This day was absolutely a blessed weekend to have the chance to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature together with my friends! God’s creation is truly amazing. No doubt. 👦👦👦Cheers to more adventures!

How to get there?

Ride an FX at Starmall Crossing and tell the driver to drop you off at Jollibee Tanay. From there, hire a tricycle that will take you to Brgy Daraitan (be prepared for an adventurous ride since the way is a rough uphill road).


1. Leave no trace policy.
2. Respect the mountain.
3. Bring packed lunch/Trail food
4. Bring at least 2 liters of water
5. Always bring extra clothes and umbrella
6. Personal medicines

Detailed Summary of Expenses:

Starmall to Tanay Rizal (RT)

Php. 140

Trike from drop off point to Brgy. Daraitan


Banca to cross from the other side of Barangay and vice versa


Trike going to Brgy hall and vice


Guide fee
** 500/4


Registration Fee
**20 for Mt. Daraitan and 20 for Tinipak River


Shower Fee


Jeepney going back to Town proper
• **better to ride a jeep going back to town proper than a trike for safety purposes since there are no streetlights or whatsoever along the way.



Php. 615


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