The mighty roar of Bukal falls

Every place on this world has its own beauty to offer that is why many of us travel miles away just to witness the uncanny view of nature. The sunrise and sunset that we chase, the difficulty of trekking a mountain just to have a glance of the view from the summit or the hours of boat ride just to reach a certain island. You see, we are all naturally seekers of wonders. 👦👦👦

“There’s hope at the bottom of the biggest waterfall.” ~ Patrick Ness

The Journey

It was past 3AM when I together with my friends met at DLTB bus terminal in Cubao bound to Sta Cruz Laguna to chase the famous Bukal falls. The travel time going to the place seemed to be like a blink of an eye. Once the conductor dropped us off at Pagsawitan, we decided to ride a trike going to the town’s commercial center and from there we rode a jeepney bound to Majayjay (tell the driver you’re going to Bukal falls.) The driver will drop you off at a place called Deposito and from there ride a trike that will drive you off to the Barangay Hall for registration.

At around 8AM we arrived at Barangay Hall of Bukal for registration and to get a tour guide. The locals were very accomodating and the tour guides set for the day were well organized.

After the necessary registration, we immediately proceeded with the trek going to the waterfalls. It was neither an easy nor a difficult trek. Rather, it was a moderate one. It took us almost an hour of trekking to reach the falls. All the sweat and exhaustion felt had been paid off when we reached the waterfalls. 😍😍😍 and the tour guides set for the day were well organized.

The Waterfalls

You know you are almost there when you hear the sounds of the pounding waters.

The noise it made is a perfect sound in the middle of nowhere.

Crystal clear. 👌👌👌

We rested for a few minutes while satisfying our eyes with the beauty of Bukal falls when we reached the place and soon after, we decided to swim at the freezing waterfalls. As per our guide, the bukal falls is subdivided into three namely: Main, second and third waterfalls. You’ll see why once you get there! 👦👦👦

It took me a lot of courage and determination to be able to conquer my fear of swimming underwater and look, it really paid off at the end. I’ve got the chance to have a smiling photo under the freezing Bukal falls.

So did my friends. 🙋🙋🙋

The water falling from above was so magical that it made me want to be near it. I have gathered my courage once again to cross the 15ft deep water just to be at the base of the waterfalls and I thank God that he gave people the knowledge to create a lifevest! Just had to float and made some swimming strokes until i was able to reach the area. Hooray! 😂🙌❤

Just wear your lifevest, float, make some swimming strokes until you reach the base of the waterfalls. 😂😂😂

I have come to realize that nothing can be compared to stand at the base of waterfalls, with the splashes in your skin and the blaring sound in your ears. Indeed, it was really an amazing experience.

To get the chance to witness this magnificent Bukal falls which is just at the foot of Mt. Banahaw is truly amazing. This experience will never be forgotten for in here, I have mustered my courage to befriend with water. So to my friends, I’ll always be thankful for without you guys, my adventure will not be this so much fun. Cheers to more adventures. ❤🙋🌏👣

Before heading back to Manila, why not try this one? For only 35 pesos you’ll already get a happy tummy.

How to get there?

Ride a any bus in Cubao that has a route going to Sta Cruz, Laguna and tell the driver to drop you off at Pagsawitan. From there, you have the option to hire a tricycle to bring you to the market where the jeeps going to Majayjay are located or you can just wait from Pagsawitan point. The Jeep will not bring you directly to the jump off point going to Bukal falls but the driver will tell drop you off at “Deposito” where you will hire a tricycle that will take you to the jump off point.


1. Better to visit the place on a weekday since many people visit the falls during weekends. OR if you are only free during weekends then make it sure that you will be there at the earliest possible time.2-3hrs of stay at the falls is already enough to enjoy the place.
2. You can leave your belongings at the Barangay hall and just get your cameras or important items and food along your way up to the falls. It will make the trek easier (will take you around 30minutes to 1hour of trekkin depending on your pace.)
3. No cellphone signals up there.
4. Shower is for free at the Barangay hall.
5. Rent a lifevest if you are not really good in swimming because the falls is at 15/8/5ft deep.
6. Respect the nature. Practice the LNT rule: Leave no trace policy as always!

Summary of Expenses:

Cubao-Sta cruz (RT)
**drop off is at Pagsawitan

Php. 280

Trike to public market


Majayjay jeep to Deposito
** if you need to buy something for your adventure you may opt to ride a trike going to the market and ride a jeepney there bound to majayjay. (NOTE: Jeepney drivers will drop you off at a place called Deposito if I am notbmistaken and from there you will ride a tricycle going to Brgy Bukal.)


Deposito to Brgy Bukal
**if you have everything you need for your adventure, then you can wait a jeep from Pagsawitan (drop off point) and pay a fare of Php. 23 pesos going to deposito.


Tour guide fee and registration (380/4)
** 300 for the tour guide fee and 20 for registration fee


**rent if you are not into swimming. Falls is at 15/8/5ft deep.


Trike from starting point of trek back to Brgy. Hall


Trike going to jeepney terminal back to Sta. Cruz (70/4)


Jeep bound to Sta. Cruz
** from Brgy hall, hire a trike that will drive you to the jeepney terminal bound to Sta Cruz.


Other personal expenses


Grand Total

Php. 640


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