Pinto Art Museum: A touch of Aesthetic

A painter with his paintings;
A sculptor with his sculptures;
A poet with his poems;
A dancer with his dances;
A songwriter with his songs;
A musician with his instruments;
An actor with his play;
A writer with his books;
A chef with his recipes.
You see? Everyone is an artist in his own little gallery.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
― Pablo Picasso

Pinto Art Museum offers us the chance to see and admire the magnificient work of Filipino artists.

What’s inside?

Pinto art museum doesn’t only offers these undeniably awesome obramaestras but it gives us a bonus of a picturesque view all over the place. Every corner of it is instagram worthy. 👌🙋👍

If you would like to feel more of the calmness and serenity of the museum, it is advisable that you visit during weekdays since during weekends, many people take visit to the place. If you are a fan of sidetrips, you may want to visit Antipolo Church (Simbahan) before you head back to the Metro. 

So there you go, what a fun filled adventure it was today! Thank you friends for spending your Saturday with me. Cheers to more travel stories! 🙋🌏👣

How to get there?

Ride an FX at starmall crossing bound to Antipolo and tell the driver to drop you off at Ynares center. From there, hire a tricycle that will take you to Pinto Art Museum.


  1. We decided to ride in a UV express at Starmall Crossing for convenience sake. Thus if you opt to ride a jeep then you can further lower your expenses.
  2. Wear light colors
  3. Strictly follow the rules given in the registration area.
  4. Respect other tourists visiting the place. Give each other ample time to take pictures on their desired areas.
  5. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the museum so better eat before you take your visit at Pinto Art (or you can eat at the resto inside the museum. I cannot give you enough details about the menu and the prices because we didn’t get the chance to try it since we are on a tight budget. But as per my research, it is a little bit pricey. But who knows? The price might just be right for the quality of the food they serve. 😊)
  6. Take advantage of the chance to visit the Simbahan of Antipolo since it is near in the terminal of UV express going back to Starmall.

Summary of Expenses:

Starmall(Shaw) to Antipolo (RT)

Php. 100

Trike going to Pinto (60/3)


Entrance Fee


Regular- 200
Senior with ID- 180
Students with ID- 100

Php 340


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