DIY Travel Guide: Mt. Batulao 

“Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.” (Dag Hammarskjold)

Location: Nasugbo Batangas
Elevation: 811+ MASL
Difficulty: 4/9
Guide: Not Required

Life gets more of its flavor from the adventures we get to experience- from a simple trip to somewhere where we can have the serenity we have been looking for and just like any other human being in this world who loves to explore the beauty of nature, I have decided to climb an amazingly beautiful mountain, Mt. Batulao.


Climb Mt. Batulao around 4:30AM.

The Journey

I decided to take the OLD-NEW trail and started trekking around 4:30AM. The Old trail consists of 10 peaks to the summit while the New trail consists of 12. It took me roughly around an hour to reach peak 1 since the trail from jump off to peak 1 is the longest. From peak 1, you’ll get pass peak 2 to 7 without any difficulties.

However, starting from peak 7 going to peak 10 which is the summit, it required me to double my effort because it is from here where the steepness of the trail becomes burdensome.


The Summit

After almost three (3) hours of trekking, I was able to reach the summit and was welcomed by a very breathtaking scenery.

How to get there?

➡ ride a bus from Cubao or Buendia bound to Batangas and tell the conductor to drop you off at Hillcrest or tell him that you will climb Mt. Batulao. Fare is 111/way if you’re coming from Buendia.


1. Leave no trace policy.
2. Respect the mountain.
3. Bring packed lunch/Trail food
4. 2 liters of water
5. Always bring extra clothes and umbrella
6. Personal meds

✔ Actually, you can opt not to hire a guide since it is not required. But if you want a guide, it will cost you 500 pesos.
✔ Registration fees will be paid along the way to the summit and back to the jump off point for 10, 20 and 30 for a total of 60 pesos.
✔ Better to camp at Old Trail’s campsite. In addition, the trail NEW-OLD is easier compared to OLD-NEW trail.
✔ If you have extra money to spare, then you can visit Caleruega Church as a sidetrip.

Summary of Expenses:

DLTB Buendia to Batangas (RT)

Php. 222

Trike going to jump off point (RT) (Trike is 100 per way good for 4)


Registration Fee


Shower Fee


Total Expenses

Php. 357.00


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