Best cupcakes in town @Glyco Sweetshop

“Writing is like baking cupcakes, you’re trying to make something from the raw. Like with cupcakes it’s flour and eggs and stuff, and with books it’s ideas and words. The end result is the same though, you want people to eat them up.” ~ Emma Shortt

A perfect day means a perfect cupcake treat for your tastebuds! So when you plan to visit Baguio, be sure to include this little cupcake house in your itinerary.

So what’s new here? Well, let’s find out! 

Glyco sweetshop is located at 73DPS compound which is just steps away from Victory liner bus terminal at Engineer’s hill. The location of the shop is a bit unlikeable part of the city; however, it is indeed astonishing that a picturesque place that is good for a wonderful and comfortable talks with friends, family, me time and/or special someone can be found in a rather unappealing part of the city. 

This quaint little cupcake house serves different flavors and it is a must that you try all of it! 👦

As for me, whenever I visit Glyco, I always choose to eat the strawberry and carrot cupcake plus a lemon grass tea with honey that is being served in a little ceramic pitcher

These cupcakes are really mouthwatering. The taste is really incomparable to other cupcake house I went to within the city and in MNL! Look at me! I feel like I’m in heaven just by tasting this delicious cupcakes. Yummy!!! 👦.

This is also a great place to read your favorite book. It is a quiet place for all living souls! The ambiance of this shop combined with the cold weather of the city is just a perfect world for us readers. 👐

I recommend that you try all their cupcakes since each cupcake has its own exceptionality in terms of taste compared to other cupcake shops. As per the price of the cupcakes, I consider this for myself as affordable comparing its prices to other overpriced cupcake shops within the city and MNL.


Per piece


Box of 6


Box of 12


Tea (Turmeric/Lemon Grass/Mint)


Tip: Go for the box of 12. It is a lot cheaper and you can have a taste on all flavors and you can also have a budget for your tea! (I recommend the lemongrass). In addition, bring someone whom you can share your expenses with, someone who can take pictures of you (intagram worthy photos!!) but most importantly, bring someone whom you can enjoy the place and these delicious cupcakes!

Don’t ever forget that when you cannot buy happiness, you can always buy cupcakes! 

P.S. You can also pre-order cakes for any occasions (though it is a little bit pricey, their designs are pretty cool! 😊)


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